What Is The Perfect Family Pet For You?

What Is The Perfect Family Pet For You

Cats most times are seen as aloof and solitary creatures but this can be very far from the truth, cats thrive in a family with both growing kids and Adults and can even learn to play games like fetch generally associated with dogs.

Many assume dogs are the ideal family pet, but cats can be a better pet, especially for busy families- they can be just the perfect family pet.

What’s more warming than a fluffy, warm and soft body to cuddle and play with and the soft, calm purr of the cat, meow is just like music to the ears, cats are definitely the perfect family pet.

There are actually more cat companions in the U.S. than canines, which is actually a fact.

There’s nothing that compares to the coziness of a cat curled up on your lap or perched atop your head as you relax in your favorite cushion or stretched out down the length of your legs as you sleep on your bed.

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While your cat won’t encourage you to exercise by begging to go out for a walk, research shows the sound of a cat’s purr can and reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.

Some parents have found out the family cat can help teach children the values of empathy and gentleness.

Most dogs will allow family members to wrestle with them, chase after them, and roughhouse.

Cats, on the other hand, do not. If a child treats a cat aggressively or roughly, cats will bolt from the child’s presence putting an end to the interaction between the child and the pet.

So children learn the difference between sturdier, more tolerant pets and those that require gentle, careful handling.

Family members and cats can have amazing communication too. Most cats like to rub up against your legs with their warm, soft, fluffy body, while others rub their head against yours.

Cats vocalize as a way to communicate with you especially when your attention is needed. Some stand on hind legs and reach for you with their front paws.

Some cats sit very still while staring at you, others tilt their head in an irresistible questioning gesture which most times is found amusing.

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Some cats deliver little nibbles to their human’s face or neck. Research has revealed that when a cat interacts with the depressed owner, they can discern whether their owner is anxious or sad.

Cats are more likely to react with heightened communication signals i.e. either with loud meowing or alternatively, rubbing itself against its owner much more aggressively.

This strong reaction is obvious to the cat owner. It’s comforting and calming to know a loved one, whether on two legs or four, shows genuine concern for your welfare and has noticed you don’t feel well.

You don’t have to worry about the neatness of your home when you have this perfect family pet

No need to worry about a dirty, smelly animal rolling around on your furniture or moving around your kitchen. Felines keep themselves clean from head to toe.

Unlike dogs who will drop their tails and look at you with a sad and lonely expression when you can’t stop with what you’re doing to play with them if you need to put your cat off for a while, your cat will most time wander away, not seeming to mind.

You’ll find your cat later stretched out contentedly in his/her favorite napping spot and is ready to have your attention again as soon as you are ready. Cats are simply the perfect family pet.

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