Does the Gender Really Matter When Choosing Your Dog?

Does the Gender Really Matter When Choosing Your Dog  1024x597 - Does the Gender Really Matter When Choosing Your Dog?

Below, we point out few things to consider.


Male dogs have a propensity to be more demanding of interest, kindness, play, and focused on humans than female dogs, who usually are more autonomous and unpredictable in their focus on their individual companions. Females can be every bit as affectionate but after a while, they may have a preference to go off on their own, while males are liable to allow as much pampering and interest as their human companions are ready to give them.

For people who love cats, female dogs might make the better alternative, since their traits can almost be described as cat-like, especially in contrast to male dogs. One thing that most dog trainers and other veteran parties agree on, is that, if you by now have one dog, your next one should be of the opposed sex, since dogs of the same sex are more likely to clash.

This is particularly true of females because of the strength of their defensive instincts, so while it may be achievable to bring two male dogs up mutually, it is much more complicated to have two females chipping in the same space.

Even though this female-female aggression has its roots in the reproductive instincts, even if you choose to have your female dogs sterilized it will still be knotty for more than one to co-exist in the same house.


It is widely alleged that female dogs are easier to coach since they are less easily distracted. Male dogs have an affinity to remain like goofy, mischievous kids their entire lives, and it can be hard to get them to center on one thing for long.

One thing to note however is that, in the competitive world of dog shows and associated events, when it comes time to hand out prizes and titles it is male dogs that have traditionally dominated. It is possible that male dogs may be keener on pleasing human beings and perhaps at the peak levels, this helps them defeat the tendency to be more easily distracted.

Pets Abs - Does the Gender Really Matter When Choosing Your Dog?

It is also likely that training female dogs for contests are too demanding for many because they are not trainable during the times when they are in heat. Also, male champions are more money-spinning for stern competitors because they can be bred out incessantly, while female dogs can regularly only have puppies once a year. Perhaps things would be quite different if sterilizing and neutering were the custom for competitive dogs, but of course, this is not the case.


Virtually any dog can be a loving companion for a youngster. However, some suppose female dogs make a better choice for kids because they may be more nurturing and shielding of young ones, even if they are a different species. Male dogs, on the other hand, may see children only as playmates and they may tend to get a little bit too playful at times as a result.


This is one area where there is no generality – it costs more to have a female well taken care of than it does to have a male. If you are living on a financial plan, as most people are, this may not be an insignificant consideration.


Except if you really want puppies in your own home, there really is not that much distinction between a male and a female dog. If you want a contest caliber dog that you can take to shows, study suggests a male dog might be the best choice, while the female might be better if you don’t want a dog that is around you every single second.

Also, if you already have a dog you should most likely look for a second dog of the opposite sex.

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