How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer!

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

How to keep your dog cool in the summer is one of the most common asked questions by lots of pet owners.

Summer is a fun time for humans as well as for dogs, there are lots of dogs who love playing outside in the garden or yard despite the heat.

Summer safety is very important and it is your responsibility to make sure your dog stays cool.

There are alternative cooling methods such as having an air conditioner at home. But what if your dog isn’t the introvert and more of the extrovert? Or you don’t have an air conditioner?

Well then, here are some useful tips for keeping your dog cool in the summer.

  • Fresh Cool water

It is very important for you to keep cool fresh water available for your dog. This is important during the hot summer. You can leave some water in the pool, place the pool in shady space and after some time change the water. Installing a watering system outside in the garden is the perfect way to keep fresh water available.

  • Shelter

Sometimes your dog enjoys sunbathing but on the other hand, your dog needs a shady and cool spot to relax. The best thing to offer your dog in this situation is a crate or shelter. Always try to create or buy an insulated dog house but make sure that the dog house is large and ventilated. You can also use open-air tent as a dog shelter.

  • Dog Pools

If your dog loves playing with water then spend some bucks on kiddie pool or large tub and place it in the yard. Many dogs enjoy playing with water in the pool or tub. So always watch your dog all the times when in the pool or tub. If possible then place this pool in the shady place and change the pool water frequently.

  • Dog Cooling Beds

As mentioned above, your dog needs a shady and cool place to relax. While on the other hand, dog beds are very soft, so this bed might also be too warm. So due to this reason, lots of dog owner realize that their dog prefers to relax on the floor in hot weather. However, dog cooling beds can offer the softness and comfort.

  • Offer Frozen Treats

There are lots of dog frozen foods available which can keep your dog healthy and cool in the hot summer. Popsicle which is made with yogurt, banana or organic peanut butter are good options for your dog in the summer. You can also change the ingredients according to your dog choice.

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