Studies Show Why Dogs Are Your Kid’s Best Friends!

Why Dogs Are Your Kid's Best Friends

When it comes to pets for your kids, there is no better choice than a dog. This is an irrefutable fact and their title of man’s best friend speaks audibly on that note.

A dog can be many things in the lives of kids. It can complement parenting in many perspectives, especially for busy parents. There are many overwhelming reasons why dogs are crucial to kids but here are a few to consider:

  • Companionship

When it comes to companionship, a kid cannot have a better choice of pet friend than a dog. Friendliness is an inbuilt attribute in a dog and no any pet can compare to it by any measure. Dogs are selfless and patient animals and they will follow your kids to virtually everywhere they go provided they are allowed to. For busy parents, a pet dog is simply a must-have asset for their kids. Their good company will make up for the less time you have with your kids as it will take away any feeling of neglect in kids.

  • Protection

Dogs are the most loyal creatures this earth has ever witnessed and they can protect your kids with their last breath. Dogs are intelligent animals that are capable of detecting different kinds of harms that may come in the way of kids. They can protect your children from bullying children. Also, they are good at protecting kids from strangers and dangerous organisms that may invade home.

  • Fun

Dogs are frisky creatures that can serve as perfect entertainers for kids. Dogs are ever willing playing partners for kids whenever their services are summoned. Several studies have indicated that:  pet dogs reduce the chances of depression and loneliness among kids. A dog is one playing companion that will never harm your kid.

  • Skills

Kids association with dogs can result in an acquisition of some certain skills. A sense of responsibility can manifest in kids through feeding and care for pets. Growing up with a dog can help a child learn social skills, impulse control, and improve their self-esteem.  Also, children can perfect their reading skills by reading their favorite storybook aloud to pets.

  • Health

Studies have indicated that children who grow up around dogs are happier and healthier. Dogs are a source of great comfort that will improve the psychological well-being of kids. Children who grow up around dogs are less vulnerable to allergies than those who grow up without a dog. More so, children with dogs are bound to exercise more by way of strolling or playing around.

  • Love and emotion

Getting your kids a pet dog can teach them how to care and love others unconditionally. Dogs are the easiest avenue for kids to learn the value of caring for others as they feed, bath and clean up the mess made by a dog.

Dogs are creatures, not a product and training them requires some little effort. You have to train your dog to behave in a manner that is most appealing to you.

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