What are the Signs of an Unhappy Dog?

What are the Signs of an Unhappy Dog

There are many factors that make a dog unhappy. Not getting enough exercise can lead to destructiveness, while experiencing abuse or violence could make them aggressive.

Abandonment or death of their human companion could lead them into depression.

Recognizing the signs of an unhappy dog can help you turn things around for them by giving them what they lack and what they need.

Here are some signs that a dog is unhappy:

Growling and Aggression

It is normal for a dog to growl at people whom they perceive to be invading their territory, but a dog shouldn’t growl at their owners or their family.

Growling, biting, and scratching are all signs of aggressiveness. If your well-behaved dog is suddenly angry with a person or another pet, you might want to examine what triggered this behavior.

Peeing inside the house

If your potty-trained dog is suddenly having “accidents,” it could be marking its territory.

If you have recently acquired a new pet and your dog is suddenly peeing all over the house, your dog is probably jealous and he’s showing the newcomer who’s the boss.

On the other hand, incontinence could also be a sign of kidney problems, so that should be ruled out as well.

Sleeping too little or too much

Sleeping too little could be a sign of restlessness while sleeping too much could be a symptom of depression. You need to figure out what is bothering your dog and assure him that everything’s going to be okay.

Obsessively licking or chewing a part of their body

If your dog is constantly licking or chewing a part of its body, it could be mean that he is injured or he is feeling pain in that area. It could also mean that it has fleas, and it could also be triggered by stress.


If your dog is unable to sleep or is pacing back and forth the house for no obvious reason, something is making him uncomfortable. Check the environment if there’s an animal nearby, and check his body for any signs of wound or injury.

Ignoring commands

If your dog is suddenly ignoring your command or doesn’t respond to his name, that is already a red flag. Find out what’s making him unresponsive. He could be upset about something you did, or he could also be stressed about something.

Loss of appetite

It is unusual for a physically healthy dog to suddenly lose its appetite. If you suspect that he’s getting tired of the same food, try to switch to another type of dog food. You can also try cooking something healthy for him – just make sure to avoid any type of condiments, especially salt. 


A sign of being detached is when your dog is not responding to the affection you’re giving him. If your dog isn’t snuggling with you or doesn’t appear happy to see you, find out what’s wrong, Dogs, too, suffer from a wide range of emotions. They can feel anxiety, sadness, fear, stress, and many others. 


Certain dogs like Bloodhounds and Siberian Huskies are known to howl more than they bark. However, if your dog is howling for no apparent reason, especially if they are not the howling breeds, it may be a sign of stress or pain.

Loss of interest in playing

Dogs have certain moods too. There are times when they are serious, goofy, laid back, and playful. If your dog has lost its interest in playing and no longer touches its toys, something might be bothering him. 

The life span of dogs is significantly shorter than the life span of humans.

Therefore, it is your duty to make sure that they are always happy and healthy so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Make sure that you are sensitive to any changes in their behavior, and always assure them that you love them and you will always be there for them.

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