The Top 10 Smartest Cat Breeds You Need to Know

Smartest Cat Breeds You Need to Know

It’s very rare to hear about trained cats or cats that can perform tricks. This is because cats behave differently from dogs. They think highly of themselves and would rather “receive” than “give.”

However, despite their sense of entitlement, they are very much trainable.

For owners who are curious about teaching their cats some tricks, keep in mind that cats and dogs are trained differently due to their different personalities.

Dogs are docile and are eager to please, whereas cats think they are royalties who deserve everything. 

If you are planning to adopt a smart cat, here is a list of the smartest cat breeds:

1. Cornish Rex Cats

They are the feline equivalent of a Golden Retriever. Their swift and calculated movements make them good at playing fetch. Their curiosity makes them skilled in raiding cabinets and opening drawers. 

2. Japanese Bobtail Cats

Despite the name, they originated from China before they came to Japan. Their cleverness makes them skilled with puzzle toys while their strong hunting instincts make them good rat hunters.

3. Abyssinian Cats

This breed loves to scale great heights. They are adept at climbing and jumping, so expect to see them bungee jumping from your cabinets and shelves. They love to play fetch and they love to be pampered as well.

4. Savannah Cats

Savannah Cats are extremely active and love to explore new things. It is fun to continuously introduce new objects and toys to them to see how they would respond. They need constant mental stimulation so be prepared to keep them busy.

5. Turkish Van Cats

These cats love to climb and are fond of playing in the water. Their name is derived from Lake Van, a Lake located in Turkey where these cats are usually spotted. However, they are not as lithe as other cat breeds, making them prone to minor accidents and mishaps.

6. Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats enjoy the company of their owners more than other cat breeds. They express their desire for communication and their affection through their meows. These cats have high energy levels so make sure you can provide enough activity to match their needs.

7. Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats are very vocal with their needs, so when they are making noise you need to be able to determine what they want. Although these cats are highly trainable, they are even more skilled in training their humans to get what they want.

8. Scottish Fold Cat

These cats are one of the best breeds for families. They are very friendly and they can tolerate kids, but they can’t stand being alone. They are fond of playing puzzle toys but they are bigger fans of playing with their humans.

9. Burmese Cats

Burmese Cats loves to cuddle. They are one of the sweetest cat breeds who will follow you around the house. Just like the Abyssinians, they are skilled in jumping from great heights. They are a highly intelligent breed who loves being challenged by puzzle toys.

10. Tonkinese Cats

These cats are a very energetic breed who loves to play. They are clingy to their owners and want to be involved in everything they do. They are observant and responsive to human interaction.

Each pet is smart in different ways. Dogs and cats shouldn’t be compared because they have different personalities that affect their level of intelligence.

Regardless of the breed, cats are trainable despite their nonchalance. They just need the right kind of motivation and training.

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