The Sweet Ways Your Pets Show their Affection

The Sweet Ways Your Pets Show their Affection 1024x576 - The Sweet Ways Your Pets Show their Affection

Showing affection is how we let others know we are thankful for them and have a lot of love. It is easy for humans to do, as we can give them cuddles and form words, but animals can’t.

As long as you know what you are looking for, you will be able to spot the signs that show just how happy they are with you as their caregiver. It could be something as simple as a sloppy kiss on your cheek or a deep purr as you rub their fur, but all of these signs show that they love you.

Cats and Dogs Will Make Eye Contact

Have you ever noticed that your dog will stop and stare at you for a while? The reason for this is to show you that they have trust and affection for you. When a dog maintains the eye-contact and does it regularly, it will release oxytocin, which helps them bond with you.

However, it isn’t just dogs that like to maintain eye contact. Cats will often show they enjoy your company by blinking slowly while their eyes are half-closed. Some people call these cat kisses and it shows how relaxed and content they are in your company.

Cats Uses Their Tails

We know that when a dog wags their tail it shows they are happy, but certain tail movements of a cat will show you how they are feeling as well. When they have a strong connection with a human, they will wrap their tail around an arm or leg when they are comfortable. You may almost notice that the base of their tail can be fluffy with the top quivering slightly, and this is a sign that they are happy.

Dogs Love to Give Kisses

Everyone knows that when a dog wants to show how much they love you, they will give you lots of sloppy kisses. These can be the biggest or smallest of licks, but they all mean the same thing. Some dogs will give more kisses than others depending on their personality, but they all mean the same thing.

Cheek Rubs from Cats Show Affection

Have you ever noticed how lions and big cats will sometimes rub their cheeks against each other to show affection? Cats will do the same thing to you if they feel safe around you. The scent glands on their cheeks will produce hormones that can be released when rubbed, which is a way to mark you as theirs. By mingling their scent with yours, it is showing you affection in the most personal way.

When A Dog Leans on You

If you want to know if your dog trusts you completely, look out for if they are leaning against you. When they press up against your leg and rest their full weight on you, it is basically their version of a hug. While it may be uncomfortable if your dog is rather large, you should enjoy it because it is their way of showing affection and love for you. They will be completely relaxed, and some might even have their mouth open and tail wagging.

Cats Will Groom You

You may notice this if you have multiple cats, but they will often groom those they are close to or connected with. Licking their fur to clean them is one of the ways they show love and some cats will do this to their owner to show affection. It could be a simple lick on your arm or they could even get close to your face as well.

These are just some of the common ways that cats and dogs can show how much you mean to them. So, next time you notice them doing these things, show them the same love back.

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