The Most Effective Way to Train Your Puppy Not to Bite

The Most Effective Way to Train Your Puppy Not to Bite

There is no doubt that a puppy is so cute until he decides to sink in his needle-sharp teeth into your skin and simply bite you.

That one moment turns them into a monster- temporarily – and all you want to do is get away from them. However, keep in mind that it is natural for puppies to bite.

As they start to teeth, they need things to chew on. It is the nature of dogs to use their mouth instead of their paws.

Below are a few tips that will help you train your puppy, so they don’t bite you or others around them.


When your puppy is rolling away playing, most of us make the mistake of using our hands, and as a result, we get bitten.

Yea, I know, ‘what other way can I play with my cute little puppy then, if I can’t use my hands!’ or so you make ask.

This is not because it is your puppies intention to hurt you, it has more to do with their nature. When playing with your puppy use a toy, so you don’t get hurt during the process or just soak it in if you get bitten, they are still just too cute!


When you are playing with your puppy and you feel them trying to bite, stop playing with them (sounds harsh I know, but it’s a training process & the best time to stop a bad behavior).

Do not wait for them to actually bite you, as that will just promote bad behavior. This way, your puppy will learn that bringing his mouth close to your hand or even trying to bite makes you go away.


If your puppy follows you around even after you move away, and bites your ankle. Then the best idea it to tie their leash to something.

Do not leave them alone in the room, as they might tangle themselves. Once the leash is tied to something, move a little bit away, and wait for your puppy to calm down (now praise them once they do). 

This will help teach them that ankle-biting is bad.


Many owners believe that crying in front of your puppy in pain after a puppy bite will discourage them from biting you again.

However, if you have a prey-driven puppy, then it will just encourage them to bite you more. Which is why you should stay quiet, and leave the room.

Walking away from them, and avoiding contact with them will help discourage their behavior of biting you.


An easy way to distract them is by swapping your body for a chew toy. This will help them learn that you are not something they can bite, and they can only bite certain things, such as chew toys.

Some dog trainers suggest playing tug of war with your puppies, this ensures that the puppy has fun, and knows that you are in charge.


When you play wrestle with your puppy, you use your hands, as they are unable to you their front paws they use their mouth.

It might be fun to wrestle with your puppy, but it will only encourage biting. Which is why it is highly discouraged until you have trained your puppy well enough that they do not bite you or others during the process.


When your puppy is excited, they tend to jump around and bite anything that comes in their way.

When they are hyped they will not see that you have moved away, or that you are stopping them. The best way is to place them in their crate and give them something to chew on.

The chew toy will help them take out their excitement on, and once they have settled down, you can start playing with them again.

Training your puppy at a young age is crucial, as they will be able to develop habits.

Help your puppy understand the laws of the world, and it will do you and them a lot of good.

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