Tarantula – How to Keep this Arachnida Really Happy

Tarantula - How to Keep this Arachnida Really Happy

What’s needed for Fuzzy’s care?

Providing a home for Fuzzy tarantula which is a healthy environment and to keep him happy isn’t difficult.

A terrarium which is five or ten gallons and has a screened top is perfect. You can also use an aquarium which has a screen cover as well. Just remember that the screened top has to be secured so Fuzzy can’t escape.

terrarium - Tarantula - How to Keep this Arachnida Really Happy

If Fuzzy is a large tarantula who enjoys burrowing, he will need substrate which is deep enough for him to be able to do that.

But regardless if Fuzzy likes to burrow or not, you still have to add substrate on the bottom of his cage. You can use potting soil, bed-a-beast, or Eco Earth and make it at least 1-3 inches and deeper if he burrows.

Plus, Fuzzy will need places to hide so you can decorate his tank with plants, rocks, logs and other décor of that nature.

Fuzzy will need a large, sturdy but shallow water dish. It can’t be over a half inch deep. You must give him fresh water every day, even though he won’t drink much water.

Fuzzy will receive most of the moisture needed from the food he eats. Plus, Fuzzy will need heat so a heating pad attached to the bottom of one side of his cage will work.

If you want to give him light, using a lamp and inserting a red bulb will do the job.

Feeding Fuzzy

Fuzzy is easy to feed and only eats insects, mostly crickets. He’ll eat one or two of them a week, but if he’s a larger tarantula, he could eat as many as six.

If Fuzzy hasn’t eaten his crickets by the next day, then you will have to remove them. Fuzzy won’t overeat, so don’t worry about overfeeding him. He’ll eat what he needs to eat and not anymore.

Sometimes he may not eat at all for a period of time, and other times he may eat as much as you give him.

If Fuzzy’s abdomen looks shriveled, he’s not getting enough to eat. You need to feed and water him more often. His water dish needs to be cleaned often, so it doesn’t get moldy or nasty from a drowned insect.

Hazards of ownership

Every person has a different reaction if bitten by a tarantula. People say the bite is similar to a bee sting when bitten by most species. The key is to not put Fuzzy in a situation where he feels he has to bite to defend himself.

Some tarantulas have urticating hairs on their backs and sides of their abdomens. These hairs can be scraped into your nose, lungs or eyes and the chemicals coating can cause irritated membranes or itchy skin.

You and Fuzzy can have a long and happy relationship if you care properly for him.

Now you know how to make your Tarantula happy 🙂

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