General Information

Do we ship worldwide?

Yes, we do! Please keep in mind depending on your location, the shipping cost will differ.

Can I have an account?

Yes, you can! Simply register using this link.

Can I pick another color for the pillow?

The color option shown is the only available color. No other color can be selected at the moment.

How do I recover my forgotten password?

Click on “Lost your password?” and you will be prompted to provide your email address and an account recovery email will be sent to you and you can recover your password following the link provided.

Can I track my order?

You definitely can! We’ll update you once your tracking number is available and you can use the Order Tracking to track your order.


What payment method can I use to make my purchase?

We accept Crypto, Paypal, and Card.

Why might my credit card be refused?

This may be due to low funds or sometime just a misunderstanding with your bank. We advise you make sure you have sufficient funds that can cover the sum of your purchase. If the problem still persists, please contact us via email and we’ll work something out.

Can I include my company’s details on my invoice?

Sure you can! Provided the details provided are correct.

Is it safe to use my credit card on the website?

You bet it is! We take security very seriously and we have taken major steps to make sure any payment information provided is not seen by us or anyone.


Where can I receive my order?

We’ll send your purchase to the delivery address provided during checkout. Please make sure the information provided is accurate to avoid delays or lost orders.

Can the delivery country be different from the purchase country?

Yes, it can. Please make sure any delivery address provided is accurate.

How long will my order take to arrive?

You should expect your item to be shipped within 3-5 business days. Delivery depends on your location.

How much do I pay for delivery service?

Shipping fee differs per your delivery address. For accurate fees, please see the checkout section.


Do I have to pay anything to return my items?

You may have to pay a return shipping fee. However, this depends on a case by case basis.

How do I return an item?

Please kindly return any damaged or wrong item to the delivery address in your shipping label. If the label is lost, please contact us and we’ll provide you the return address via email.

How long do I have to return an item?

All damaged or wrong items should be returned within 7-days of purchase.

How will I receive my refund?

After careful consideration and agreement, a refund will be sent to your means of payment.