Scottish Fold: The Cat with the Folded Ears

Scottish Fold_ The Cat with the Folded Ears

You’ve just brought home your new Scottish Fold kitten. He’s full of energy, cute and those folded ears make him look like a teddy bear. You’ve decided to name him Murdock in honor of his Scottish heritage. But what else should you need to know about him besides his heritage?

How did the Scottish Fold develop?

There aren’t many cat breeds which can trace its roots back to the original beginning of the breed. In Scotland, a cat named Susie, who was a barn cat, had flat ears. When she had kittens, several of the kittens developed flat ears too.

When a neighboring farmer, who was also a cat fancier, saw Susie and her kittens, they started breeding Susie with the help of a geneticist. By the year 1976, the Scottish Fold became one of the most popular breeds in America and Europe.

The folded ears of the kitten are caused by a dominant gene which is incomplete and was caused by spontaneous mutation. This gene can also affect other cartilage in a kitten’s body. It can cause defective bone development plus cartilage and bone abnormalities. This is why breeders out-cross Scottish Folds with American or British Shorthairs which are straight-eared cats.

Scottish Fold kittens

sf - Scottish Fold: The Cat with the Folded Ears

When Murdock was first born, he had straight pointy ears like a typical cat. But at around the age of 2 to 4 weeks, his ears would have begun to fold. Or, his ears could’ve stayed straight, and he would’ve been known as a Scottish Shorthair. From decades of selective breeding is what caused Murdock’s ears to double or even triple fold. This is why his ears lay totally flat.

Most Scottish Fold kittens are short-haired and grow to medium size in every pattern and color. These colors and patterns range from red to tabby, to black, blue and shaded silver. The eyes of a Scottish Fold are usually copper, but they can be any shade. Sometimes there are longhaired Sottish Folds which are also known as Highland Fold.

Physical characteristics and personality

A Scottish Fold weighs between 6 and 13 pounds when they are fully grown. Murdock, since he’s male, will weigh on the more large end and a female will weigh on the lighter end. In a litter of kittens, about half will end up with folded ears, and the tips of the ears are always rounded.

The coats of the cats can be either short fur, which should be dense or a long coat. If the coat of the Scottish fold is longer, it should have a ruff around the neck, and the coat and the tail should be full.

Scottish Folds are loving, loyal, affectionate but not clingy. They like to bond with their owners and are mostly a one-person cat. Murdock won’t have loud vocal displays, but he’ll like to play puzzles and games. Murdock won’t like being alone for long periods of time so he will be a little needy in that respect. Murdock will be good with other pets and children and will adapt quickly and be easy going.

Scottish Fold cats are not only unique looking but have a great easy-going personality. This is a cat who will keep you company and be a fun companion.

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