Watch Out! There’s a Hippo On The Loose

Harpo, the Hartbeespoort Dam hippo. Picture: Kormorant

South Africa

There’s a hippo on the loose in Gauteng.

The Gauteng Department of Agriculture (DA) warned residents near the Jukskei River to watch out for a roaming hippo.

A video surfaced online showing a hippo swimming in someone’s backyard pool. It’s unclear if it’s the same hippo as the one the DA warned about.

According to the DA’s statement, the hippo hasn’t caused any damage or attacked animals or humans since the first report of its sighting on December 29, 2020.

It is believed that the hippo originates from the Hartbeespoort Dam area. If left in peace, it will return voluntarily to the area of origin.

Gauteng Department of Agriculture

However, they urged members of the public to avoid approaching or feeding it because hippos can become aggressive.

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