Orangutan Dad Steps Up in a Big Way

Cerah with Berani at the Dever Zoo. Credit: Denver Zoo


Nias, a Sumatran Orangutan, died in December 2020, leaving 3-year-old Cerah motherless. The Denver Zoo officials were worried how she would cope, but they were in for a shock. Clearly, nature still has lots of surprises in store. Cerah’s father, Berani, a 27-year-old Sumatran Orangutan, stepped up to the plate and became her new mum.

This may not seem like a big deal for ordinary humans, but in the wild, male orangutans don’t play a role in raising offspring. So it’s a BIG deal!

The Zoo said Berani carries, comforts, and even snuggles with her when she sleeps. He’s also protective of her and sees to her needs. His care and affection has greatly eased zookeepers minds on little Cerah’s welfare.

Her big sister,11-year-old Hesty, helps out where she can, mostly by occupying Cerah with games throughout the day.

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