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Darcy Pell saving the stranded dog


Darcy Pell, 31, was at a local park in Yorkshire, England. He was halfway through his run when he saw a dog running close to the frozen lake. He continued with his run, thinking to himself the dog was going to fall through the ice. A few minutes later, it did.

He continued with his jog, hoping the dog would get out by itself. When this didn’t happen, he jumped into the ice-cold water. A passerby captured the heroic act on video.

Darcy explained the act wasn’t a big deal to him and the freezing water wasn’t as cold because he had been running outside, anyway. He added living in Yorkshire helped him cope with the cold water. To show it wasn’t a fuss, he got out of the water, released the pooch, changed his wet t-shirt and continued with the rest of his run as if nothing had happened.

I didn’t want any fuss, so I just sort of got out and the dog ran off and then came back and shook its water on me. The owners thanked me, put a collar on the dog, then just carried on with their walk.

Darcy Pell.

The video has since gone viral, but Darcy insists that people shouldn’t fuss over his simple act of saving a pup in need.

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