Yipee, It’s Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Cat in a costume. Credit: Masters of the Universe


Yes, you read that right! There seems to be a day for everything, but this one must be lots of fun.

You have Colleen Paige, a celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviourist to thank for the day. She founded it in 2009 to help pet and pet owners bond and showcase pet fashion style. It’s the one day you get to match your outfit with your pet without attracting odd stares or bring out your pet’s personality. So get creative!

Of course, whatever outfit you choose for your companion must be safe and comfortable. Avoid loose pieces that can choke your pet.

Don’t forget to post your cute costumes on social media using #DressUpYourPetDay. If you don’t have a pet, use your children instead or check out other people’s posts.

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