Gorillas at San Diego Zoo Test Positive for COVID-19

Gorilla Troop at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park . Credit: San Diego Zoo

Preliminary tests of the animals’ faeces by the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System (CA HFS) came back positive. The U. S Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) confirmed the results. According to ABC News, these are the first reported cases of the virus in such primates in the U.S.

The Zoo said the primates probably contracted the virus from an asymptomatic staff member. For now, they are on fruits, fluids and vitamins.

Aside from some congestion and coughing, the gorillas are doing well. The troop remains quarantined together and are eating and drinking. We are hopeful for a full recovery.

Zoo’s Executive Director, Lisa Peterson

Following the announcement, all staff handling the animals must wear face shields and eye goggles .

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