Denmark to Cull Over 16 Million Minks

mink - Denmark to Cull Over 16 Million Minks

The world’s largest mink producer will eliminate its entire mink population to curb the spread of COVID-19 mutation. The move will cost approximately $785 million (5 Billion Kroner).

The drastic decision was made because of fears that the novel coronavirus in minks has spread to humans. During a recent press conference, Prime Minister Lisa Frederiksen said over 12 people were infected with a mutated virus that started in mink farms. In Northern Denmark, half of the COVID cases reported are related to mink farms. The government also fears continued mutations and infections could reduce the efficacy of future vaccines.

We have a great responsibility towards our population. With the mutation that has now been found, we have an even greater responsibility to the rest of the world.

Denmark Prime Minister Lisa Frederiksen

The impact of this decision remains to be seen as more countries, such as the U.S and Spain, record a rise in mink deaths in farms.

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