OMG! What On Earth Is That?

Photo of an animal claw that tore through a bathroom ceiling


Sabrina Raven shared a photo of her bathroom ceiling with an animal’s claws poking through a small hole. I don’t know about you, but it looks scary to me. What animal do you think this is? No! It isn’t a baby werewolf.

Sabrina said she wasn’t in any danger. She’s been living with the creature – a possum- for a year now. Raven named her Floof and has started a Facebook group page for the animal.

She’s cute and the quietest of the possums, so I don’t mind. And she let’s me pat her fluff through the hole.

Sabrina Raven

Sabrina, who lives near  Brisbane, explained she can’t trap and get rid of her guest. This is because State laws protect Possums. State law dictates that they must release captured Possums within 66ft from where they are caught.

Raven stopped trying to get rid of Floof because she returns to her home every time.

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