Pet Worker Risks Her Life To Save Stolen Dog

Alize James hanging on the hood of the movingcar.

Houston, Texas, U.S.A

A pet store worker deserves a medal and a bonus for risking her life to save a 7-month-old dog stolen from BullyKAMP.

Alize James told Texas police a man and woman came into the store requesting to buy a $10,000 bulldog. The two customers bolted out of the door with the pooch when she stepped to the back of the store. Realizing what was happening, Alize ran after them. The man hit her with the passenger door, while the woman jumped into the driver’s seat. Undeterred by the assault, Alize jumped on the hood of the car when the driver charged at her.

A video captured the store worker hanging for dear life as the car sped along a service road. The driver must have gotten shocked by Alize’s efforts and pulled off into a parking lot. She escaped with her partner in crime and the expensive dog.

I was concerned about the bulldog’s health because it needed medication after a recent surgery. I obviously didn’t care about my well-being.


Police discovered during investigations, the woman left a name and phone number at BullyKAMP. Further investigation revealed the suspect’s name as Royshana King.

21-year-old Royshana was charged and arraigned in court for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

The other suspect is still at large. Unfortunately, the bulldog’s whereabouts are unknown.

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