Moscow Metro Helps Stray Pets Find A New Home

koshka natasha 2  - Moscow Metro Helps Stray Pets Find A New Home

Moscow, Russia

The Moscow Department of Transport and 15 animal shelters within Moscow run a project known as Tails and Paws. It helps connect stray cats and dogs with new owners by posting photos of the pets in a dedicated train carriage.

Each poster contains a cute picture of the stray pet and a QR code. Everybody can access additional information by scanning the QR Code. Once a passenger scans the QR code, they see information such as name, age, character, health status and other known history.

Apart from re-homing the stray animals, ‘Tails and Paws’ hopes to educate people that stray pets also need affection and love in a new home.

Since the launch, over 200 cats and dogs have found a loving new home.

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