Wild Turkey In a Fowl Mood Outruns Police

wild turkey peelpolice 1 - Wild Turkey In a Fowl Mood Outruns Police

Mississauga, Canada

An angry turkey went on the rampage at the corner of Matheson Boulevard East and Explorer Drive in Mississauga.

The fowl in a foul mood attacked any car on sight . It even pecked one police officer’s car that was at the scene of the crime following a call from a concerned citizen. Fellow officers from Peel Police took photos of the criminal.

wild turkey criminal peelpolice 168x300 - Wild Turkey In a Fowl Mood Outruns Police
The turkey that went on the rampage in the streets of Mississauga. Photo credit: @PeelPolice

When animal services arrived to capture the feathered animal, it used its impressive speed of 40 km/hr to outrun them.

Peel Police’s media liaison Cst. Kyle Villers confirmed the turkey had caused no damage and was only a traffic hazard.

The police believe it rejoined its rafter and lived to peck another day.

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