Hero Dog Awards Nominations Coming Up Soon

American Humane - Hero Dog Awards Nominations Coming Up Soon


The Hero Dog Awards welcome nominations for dogs every year, and 2021 won’t be an exception. Beginning Jan. 6th, dog-owners across America can nominate their pups by visiting www.herodogawards.org.

The award recognizes outstanding dogs that have improved and saved lives. It also celebrates extra-ordinary animal-human relationships.

The competition has seven categories which include:

  • Law Enforcement Dogs
  • Military Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Service Dogs
  • Shelter Dogs
  • Search and Rescue Dogs
  • Guide/Hearing Dogs.

This year’s winner is Mackenzie – a four-pound chihuahua. The virtual event aired in front of millions of viewers on Hallmark Channel, making her a symbol of love during the pandemic.

Could your four-legged hero be the next winner? Apply and follow updates on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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