Coronavirus: Increased Pet Ownership and Shortage of Veterinary Services World Over

A puppy being cuddled

The adoption of pets has been through the roof during the coronavirus pandemic. Several parts of the world, including the U.K, U.S.A, and Australia, have experienced this.

People may be filling voids associated with restrictions, lockdowns, and loss of jobs during the pandemic.

Joanne Doonan is a dog-trainer in the U.K. She has run her business for the last 8-years. She reports this year has been one of her busiest. Most of her new clients are new puppy owners.

This also applies to other trainers, and currently the demand for services outweighs the supply of services.

The rise in pet-purchases has seen prices skyrocket with dogs costing between £1000 and £3000 for a pure-bred. The sale of dogs has gone to social media as shelters and animal rescue organisations cannot meet the demand.

The phenomenon is the same in the US, where the growth in demand started as early as mid-March.

In Australia, it’s not uncommon to find vets struggling with stress and anxiety during this period. This is because new animal owners, especially those in regional and rural areas, need 24-hour services.

Emma Tomkins, an owner of a vet clinic in Daylesford, stopped her 24-hour service clinic after suffering from exhaustion. Emma is among many vets who have cut back on their services. This has forced pet-owners to travel further to seek help for their companion animals.

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