Behold, The Striking Twin of Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda Cat

PetsABs - Behold, The Striking Twin of Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda Cat

In North Carolina, an injured cat that resembles a common “Star Wars” character has been saved, and cat lovers can’t get enough of her photos.

A shelter volunteer in Kannapolis, North Carolina discovered the cute feline and on Dec. 15, and took it to Cabarrus Animal Hospital.

Her foster mom, Jana Aviles, is a big “Star Wars” fan and quickly noticed from “The Mandalorian,” the latest hit on Disney+, the similarity of the cat to Baby Yoda.

And this was the birth of Baby Yoda Cat.

It didn’t take long for the rescued cat’s pictures to go viral on social media, leading to the Facebook launch of the fan page of Baby Yoda Cat.

In the meantime, several people have asked about Baby Yoda Cat’s adoption and what she wants in an everlasting family.

Baby Yoda Cat is under medical supervision at the moment. She is being treated around her neck for a deep wound, as well as an upper respiratory infection.

Due to previous wounds, fleas, and intestinal parasites, she also came in with minor hair loss.

Aviles and Cabarrus Animal Hospital hopes that Baby Yoda Cat, “can be a spokes kitty for all of the homeless animals around the world that are being euthanized in animal shelters due to lack of homes.”

Local applications for adoption are being accepted at the moment. Some people have volunteered to fly to welcome her across the world.

But first of all, she needs some rest. She’s not leaving the hospital until her wounds are healed, she’s been scrubbed and microchipped, and given some vaccines and dewormers.

While she may be without a real name, her nickname will hopefully pave the way for a new place to call home.

Photo credits: Disney/Jana Aviles/Cabarrus Animal Hospital
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