Animal Shelter Receives Donation of 600 lbs of Pet Food from Eight Year Old Landyn Wadsworth

petsabs - Animal Shelter Receives Donation of 600 lbs of Pet Food from Eight Year Old Landyn Wadsworth

Christmas is a period that is most delightful, especially for kids as they tend to get receive lots of gifts during the period, but for 8 years old Landyn Wadsworth, Christmas is a time to show love and make beautiful sacrifices. Rather than ask for toys and sweets like most kids her age would, she requested for funds to purchase pet food for animals being sheltered in the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, Washington.

Her wishes for Christmas came true as she was later pictured standing side by side with a trolley filled with pet food measuring more than half a ton. The picture brings to mind the beauty of this gesture as little Landyn stands side by side

Landyn has by her actions, made a difference, and has changed the trajectory for kids and adults alike by her enormous donations.

“Landon’s wish for Christmas was food donations for the shelter and it looks like her wish came true!! We are so grateful for your kindness and I’m sure the dogs and cats are too!!”, the Charity wrote on Facebook while appreciating the people who donated the pet foods immediately as a result of Landyn’s selflessness in this festive season.

The animals would really have Landyn to thank as they would be living in an abundance of high-quality food in a very long time. In fact, the shelter stores are so full that they have released a statement encouraging those who intend to donate more food at the moment to help out in other ways.

image - Animal Shelter Receives Donation of 600 lbs of Pet Food from Eight Year Old Landyn Wadsworth
Credit: Tri-Cities Animal Shelter

Not The First Time

Surprisingly, this is not the first time the 8-year-old is performing such selfless acts. Her mother, Alisha Wadsworth disclosed to local TV channel KEPR in a granted interview. She has been making similar donations since 2016.

Disclosing how it all started, proud Alisha took to her Facebook page to write about Landyn’s dissatisfaction with the state of wellbeing of the pets when she once visited. She was touched by the plight of the animals and decided to make a difference in any way she could since she couldn’t provide better accommodation for them. It is really commendable considering her age as even many adults wouldn’t do this.

Landyn doesn’t wish to end her generosity anytime soon as she is already planning for her 2020 campaign at the moment. Will this selfless 8-year-old be able to do more in 2020 and subsequent years than she has done now? How long will she be able to keep up with the donations, and how many more children and adults’ alike can she influence with her kind deeds?

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