Christmas is for Everyone: Watch How Cute Shelter Dogs Pick and Unwrap Their Presents

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Some volunteers for LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta have in the spirit of Christmas and the joy, love, and togetherness that comes with it, decided to extend the holiday gestures to their shelter dogs by donating Christmas presents and making cute videos of them while they gleefully picked out their own presents and unwrapped them.

The video which was widely circulated on Monday across all social media platforms by Lifeline Animal Project showed the dogs who were well clad in beautiful festive costumes enthusiastically running towards the beautifully wrapped up presents arranged under a Christmas tree to select their gifts and unwrap them. The canines showed visible excitement upon unwrapping their gifts by clenching them with their teeth and running happily across the room.

Similar events

This event is coming a week after a similar video from Dog Trust, a Canine welfare charity center in Dublin, Ireland went viral with the canines selecting their lovely gifts from a line-up. It seems that this year, animal rescue groups are really keen on making sure that their animals don’t miss out on the holiday funfair.

source: LifeLine Animal Project

In an article written by the organization, they implied that a lot of work went into organizing the event, and making sure it was a success was the most difficult part of the planning process as the decisions about the best choice of gifts for the animals seemed quite an insurmountable task.

The organizations were glad that the event ended up being a huge success as the dogs loved their presents and viewers were moved by the heart-warming videos. Thus, most were moved to extend the joy of the Christmas/holiday season to more shelter dogs even to the extent of adopting shelter dogs.

People who need to find out more about adoptable pets are encouraged to check out the LifeLine Animal project here and Dog Trust Ireland here. Residents outside Georgia or Ireland can look out for any local animal shelter around them to show them some love.

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