This Stray Dog Adopted A Litter Of Kittens And Now Everyone Wants To Adopt Her

petsabs 2 - This Stray Dog Adopted A Litter Of Kittens And Now Everyone Wants To Adopt Her

Fighting like cats and dogs? Not this adorable family. At the Pet and Wildlife Rescue Center, located in Chatham, Ontario, there’s a dog with her own litter. Only they’re not puppies, but five kittens. The staff named this special dog “Serenity” and shared her story with the world. Indeed, this is a warming piece of good news in the sad world of stray and abandoned animals.

Serenity herself is a stray. Several people driving along the road noticed the large dog, which seems to be a German Shepherd Dog or a related mix. What caught somebody’s eye was the fact that, for days, she cared for a group of very young kittens. The concerns were obvious. The dog meant well but could not provide them with milk. Additionally, the animals were exposed to the elements and the dangers of living next to a road. How the unusual family ended up together remains unknown but thankfully, a call was placed to Pet and Wildlife Rescue to make them aware of the situation.

A staff member rushed over and found the canine mom dutifully protecting her feline brood. Luckily, none of them had injuries or illnesses. They were taken to the shelter and settled in. One must admit, the whole thing is truly remarkable. As a stray, Serenity must’ve been underfed but when she happened across the kittens, she never viewed them as a source of food. Her instinct to protect the vulnerable babies, even though they were a completely different species, was much stronger.

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Credit: Pet and Wildlife Rescuse

The staff agreed to keep Serenity and her “kids” together during their first night at the shelter. They couldn’t resist taking photographs of how she cuddled and groomed the kittens before posting the album on Facebook. The best the shelter hoped for was a few likes and shares. The response was overwhelming. Animal lovers were so taken by the positive story and the photos showing a happy-looking Serenity with her cute kids, that they shared the post like crazy. Soon, Serenity went viral. 

The dog’s adoption page described her as energetic and busy as a toddler. Although her age is not known, considering that her background is completely missing, the staff at the shelter has a lot of experience with gauging an animal’s age. They estimated that Serenity is still very young, at most around two years old. 
Several news agencies also covered the story. When Time spoke with Pet and Wildlife Rescue, the shelter said that more than 30 families across North America have expressed interest in adopting Serenity. The heroic dog is almost assured of a forever home, but the future of her kittens is less certain. At the moment, the five babies are being cared for by a foster family. They are too young to be adopted but once they’re old enough, the shelter hopes that kind-hearted cat lovers will remember their remarkable mother and tale, and offer them good homes.

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