Tragedy In Massachusetts As House Fire Kills 3 Pets

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Pet owners want the best for their furry family members. We dread the day when they go over the rainbow bridge but most of the time, as difficult as that day is, most people have a chance to say goodbye and allow their pet to drift peacefully into a final sleep. The bereavement and pain are still enough to suck the life out those who adored that pet deeply. But it’s even worse when a beloved cat or dog dies in a terrible event or accident. Then there’s no peace and no goodbyes. 

One scenario many owners fear is that a house fire could take their home and the lives of their pets. This is such a frightening thought that one can be forgiven for shivering and shutting it out of one’s mind completely. After all, an out-of-control blaze is nobody’s friend. It’s a force of nature that sometimes has little mercy.

Unfortunately, a few days ago, this nightmare turned into a terrifying reality for one family and their animals. Although the causes behind the tragedy are not entirely clear at this point, authorities know that a fire started at the family’s home on Friday, which was the 15th of November. The residence involved was located at Howland Road, in Lakeville, Massachusetts. 

Whatever factor or factors caused the inferno must’ve been truly potent. It could also be that people waited too long to call for help. Either way, by the time the firefighters arrived, the house was one big fireball. WJAR reported that the Lakeville Fire Department, which was alerted to the blaze at around six p.m., was already challenged by the advanced state of the fire. Then something else stacked the odds against their team bringing the fire under control and saving the building.

The area had no municipal water and there were no fire hydrants. Had it been a municipal area with hydrants, there might have been a chance to salvage something from the situation. Instead, it turned into a disaster that not only razed the family’s house, took everything they owned but also killed their pets. In a horrifying twist, their dog and two cats were trapped inside the burning home. The hapless pets failed to escape on their own and nobody managed to rescue them.

Once again, at this stage, it’s not entirely clear whether the owners escaped the blaze or arrived later to find their home engulfed. But at least they were all safe and sound. However, the water trucks arrived too late to do any real good and they were left homeless and traumatized.

The memory of how their beloved pets died would undoubtedly haunt them for a long time. Now, faced with picking up the pieces of their lives from scratch, they received a helping hand. NBC 10 News reported that the family is being given ongoing support from The Red Cross and that the authorities are investigating the reasons behind the aggressive blaze.

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