This Wedding Ceremony Used Cute Puppy Bouquets to Highlight Animal Rescue

pets abs - This Wedding Ceremony Used Cute Puppy Bouquets to Highlight Animal Rescue

Most people dream of a traditional wedding. The white, fairy tale dress. The elaborate and shockingly expensive wedding cake. The bride throws her bouquet to hopeful single ladies and sometimes, the groom throws her garter to a batch of bachelors. Happy times.

One couple from Florida dropped the wedding template for their own heartwarming ceremony. Most of it remained the same. They dressed smartly, said their vows and had a flower girl. But instead of bouquets, the bride and the bridesmaids carried puppies.

In 2017, Andee, presently aged 32, was working at a restaurant in Florida. He met and fell in love with a fellow worker named Tina, 33. They were both animal lovers, which undoubtedly enriched their relationship. They also had a daughter together, whom they named Carter. After getting engaged, Andee stumbled upon an article that resonated strongly with him. He was looking for wedding ideas and the website The Dodo described a ceremony with a dog theme. The couple loved the idea.

image - This Wedding Ceremony Used Cute Puppy Bouquets to Highlight Animal Rescue
Credit: Cami Grudzinski/Cami Z Photography

Andee told Yahoo Lifestyle that their own menagerie included two dogs, Mr. Boog Dinkleton and Chase Marshall. They were a Bichon and pitbull, respectively. Two cats added some feline balance and came with the fetching and somewhat delicious names of Donut and Waffle. Regrettably, none except Dinkleton were suitable for the special day. As much as the couple wanted to include their own pets, they needed smaller and more placid creatures. Besides, Tina and Andee wanted to raise awareness for rescue animals. 

They approached Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, which is located in Bradenton. The latter was happy to do anything that might encourage adoption. But the couple was still looking for something small and manageable. Luckily for them, Nate’s just received a litter of 10 puppies. The number was serendipitous. Ten puppies were just enough for the bride and each of her bridesmaids, who opted to forgo the traditional bouquets in favor of holding an adorable pet instead.

The so-called “pupquets” were 5-week-old pit bull mixes that gazed at the bridal party with blue or brown eyes. They were also wearing their wedding attire, which was a collar spruced with ribbons, lace, and safe-to-chew wooden flowers. To make sure that the puppies didn’t accidentally ingest any flowers, both Tina’s bouquet – the only one used in the ceremony – and the floral arrangement on Andee’s lapel, known as a boutonniere, were both also wooden. 

One of the couple’s dogs made it to the wedding on November 11, in Plant City. The Bichon and their 3-year-old daughter rode down the aisle in a wagon, followed by the bridesmaids holding their pupquets. After the ceremony, the baby pit bulls had the freedom of a large playpen and received a lot of attention from the guests. Everything went perfectly, except when one of the puppies peed on a bridesmaid. But even that ended beautifully. Tina and Andee noticed the pup, perhaps liked her audacity and adopted her. In honor of the singer Taylor Swift, they plan to name the pupquet “Swift.”

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