Dog Narrowly Escapes Death after Eating a Video Console Cartridge

Puppy bull terrirer dog lying on a grass field.

A dog-owning family from Scotland found itself in the center of a curious, but potentially deadly for their pooch, story.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Roco was vomiting and refusing to eat which prompted its owners to bring him to the vet urgently.

An X-ray revealed that the dog had ingested an unidentified object, which after surgery turned out to be a Nintendo video console cartridge.

Rocco’s family was shocked to see what the vets found, with owner Sean Johnston saying for The Independent:

““We don’t own a Nintendo or anything like that so we’re baffled as to where he got it from.”

Thankfully, the promt medical intervention was succesfull and the dog has been recovering well, leaving for home after an overnight stay at the clinic.

“We see dogs that eat strange things all the time but none of us had ever seen anything like this,” said for the media Susan Hermit, a senior vet at where Roco was treated.

The animal doctor also warned that such objects could cause blockage or rupture organs, both of which are potentially deadly conditions.

In a similar case, a British Golden Retriever passed away from complications after ingesting a rope toy which is yet another warning for dog owners to keep a close eye on their pooches.

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