Most British Drivers Unaware of Possible Fines for Unrestrained Pet

A brown dog sitting behind the wheel of a car.

British publication The Sun warns British drivers that riding with an unrestrained pet may result in a fine of up to £5000 for careless driving and invalidation of their insurance.

The paper quotes a survey according to which 2/3 of Brits are not aware of the possible penalties.

Dogs and cats are the most common pet travel companions, with rabbits, hamsters, and parrots also making up the list, The Sun reports.

Drivers who are transporting pets should take some due care for both the safety of their pet and that of others, like placing the pet in a carrier, carrying plenty of water, and bringing along a familiar toy.

The US state of Florida is also on the verge of putting stricter rules over distracted driving.

In the beginning of the month a member of the state’s House of Representatives proposed a bill that would make interacting with pets, texting, eating, and applying makeup primary offences.

The bill passed the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee last Tuesday.

At the same time Florida’s Senate has come up with a toned-down version of the bill that excludes distractions such as pets and eating, focusing on texting isntead.

A proposal to make texting while driving a primary offense passed the House last year but failed to earn support of the Senate.

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