Last Canidrome Hounds Relocated. Official Charged With Abuse of Power

A greyhound dressed in blue vest.

The last greyhounds remaining from the now-defunct Macau Canidrome racetrack are on their way to meeting adopters, Macau News reports.

This concludes the six-month coordinated effort by Macau’s authorities and animal protection organizations to find new homes for the mistreated dogs.

In the meantime, a high-ranking municipal official was charged with abusing his power by directing the greyhounds to be neutered in a clinic in which he had a stake.

Choi U Fai, who until now was chief of the veterinary and inspection branch of the Civic Affairs Bureau, “had colluded with another public servant (an assistant officer of the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau) and a businessman to obtain unlawful economic advantages,” Macau Daily Times reports.

If found guilty Choi can go to prison for as long as three years.

The Canidrome was Asia’s only legal horseracing track, infamous for its gross mistreatment of the animals and for euthanizing monthly dogs that didn’t perform well.

After years of pressure from NGOs, the Macau government, and other states, the racetrack closed its doors lat year, but the future of hundreds of greyhounds housed there remained in limbo.

Soon after the closure, the company operating the racetrack and owned by Angela Leong On Kei—a Macau legislator and wife of Macau’s richest man Stanley Ho—made a deal with an animal shelter and the government to cover the costs for caring for the pooches until they find new homes.

According to government officials, the company is yet to complete all of the payments, portions of which until now have been covered by the government.

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