Hill’s Recalls More Toxic Canned Dog Food

A dog looking sad.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has recalled 19 more canned dog food formulas due to toxic levels of Vitamin D in addition to the 25 already recalled in January.

The move was announced by the FDA after it asked the pet food company to do testing on products not onitially included in the January recall.

“Pet owners should discontinue feeding their pets these recalled products,” the FDA warns.

Hill’s already recalled 25 formulas in January after a complaint from a dog owner that his pet was suffering from Vitamin D overdose.

Tests revealed the presence of Vitamin D in these formulas to be as much as 70 times higher than recommended.

After the initial recall, the company was under fire from many dog owners saying that their pooches, too, suffered, some even died, from issues related to excessive levels of Vitamin D after eating Hill’s contaminated products.

The problems ranged from vomitting and tremmors, to kidney failure, and death.

Hill’s was not the only company affected by the Vitamin D problem—at the end of last year close to a dozen pet food brands recalled formulas due to the same issue.

They all purchased premixed vitamins from the same manufacturer.

You can find a complete list of the recalled Hill’s formulas here. For the rest click here.

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