A Bolivian Has Given up a Promising Career to Care for Stray Dogs

An orange dog giving the puppy eyes look.

“I’ve given up everything for my dogs. Romances, family, career – everything,” said Fernando Kushner for BBC.

Kushner is a Bolivian ex-marketing exec who’s become the patron of stray dogs in the Latin country’s capital of La Paz.

He spends his days cruising the streets of the city distributing food to stray dogs twice a day, spending the rest of the time collecting food donations.

A gesture of appreciation by a dog that received half a sandwich from Kushner a couple of years ago led the former successful marketing expert to “give up everything” so he can do his part in caring for La Paz’s homeless four-pawed residents.

According to Fernando, there are 250,000 stray dogs roaming the streets of La Paz alone.

Caring for all of them is an impossible task even for a brigade of volunteers, let alone Kushner who’s currently a “one-man mission.”

Kushner is also actively campaigning for potential dog owners to adopt rather than buy dogs, and has successfully gotten several private companies on board with helping his cause.

“At present, he is busy trying to raise money to build a sanctuary for old strays, which will double as a sterilisation centre,” the BBC reports. 

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