Hero Dog Saves a Woman from Fire in Germany, Dies

Hero Dog Saves a Woman from Fire in Germany Dies - Hero Dog Saves a Woman from Fire in Germany, Dies

A dog saved a 75-year old woman from her burning house in the German city of Bonn by barking, warning her of the imminent danger.

The woman managed to get out of the house unharmed, but the Labrador Mina had remained inside.

The owner then tried to get back into the burning building to rescue her pet, but neighbors stopped her because of the severity of the fire.

Bonn’s fire department spokesman Frank Frenser said that the house was already at risk of collapsing when the fire brigade arrived on scene.

Despite the risk, firefighters went in and retrieved the dog which unfortunately did not gain consciousness after breathing in the dangerous smoke.

The woman adopted the dog from a local shelter three years ago.

“You do not often meet such a spirited woman with so much drive,” neighbors were quoted as saying by the Bonn media General Anzeiger.

The accident, which happened last week, left the woman in a hospital for observation.

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