Florida Bill Proposes Pet-Petting Become a Driving Offense

Florida Bill Proposes Pet Petting Become a Driving Offense - Florida Bill Proposes Pet-Petting Become a Driving Offense

Florida state Rep. Jackie Toledo (R) and Sen. Wilton Simpson (R) have introduced in the state’s Senate a bill that would make interacting with pets while driving a primary offense, Tampa Bay Times reports.

According to an AAA survey, 52% of drivers interact with their dogs while driving and “19 percent have used their hands or arms to keep their dog from climbing into the front seat.”

The bill is also targeting other distractions like texting, holding a cell phone, and applying makeup.

If enacted, the bill will make these offenses primary, meaning that they’ll be enough to warrant a pull-over by the authorities.

“The focus of this bill is to save lives and get people’s behavior to change,” adding that the bill is expected to make it to Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee “during the first week of the legislative session, which starts March 5,” as quoted by the Tampa Bay Times.

The proposed bill raised some concerns about being too broad and ambiguous, so it is likely that it will undergo several revisions before being put up for a vote.

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