Dog’s Exercise Needs Vary, Reader’s Digest Reports

Dogs Exercise Needs Vary Readers Digest Reports - Dog's Exercise Needs Vary, Reader's Digest Reports

Dogs need regular activity but their needs vary depending on their age, size, and breed, Reader’s Digest reports in extensive coverage of the topic.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach the media recons, short-nosed, shorter, or younger pooches requiring calmer activities to prevent injury.

In the case of small-nosed breeds like boxers and bulldogs, having a short nose makes it hard to breath when performing highly-stimulating activities such as fast running; for them, a more beneficial exercise is a leisure walk.

The publication quotes Jennifer Freeman, DVM as advising dog owners to monitor their pets behavior—heavy panting and dangling tongue mean it’s time to take a breather.

On the other hand, an understimulated dog will also “speak” to its owner either verbally or through actions like chewing on shoes.

Some dogs also bring their leash to the owner as a reminder that its walk-time.

With pet obesity surging it’s even more important for pet owners to keep their four-legged pals active.

“Typically your dog should spend anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours on any type of physical activity whether it be walking, chasing a toy, or sprinting in the backyard or dog park,” said Dr. Freeman as quoted by Reader’s Digest.

What dog owners must also keep in mind is that pooches need mental exercises as much as they need physical workouts, though both can be combined for example with playing hide and seek with a treat.

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