Cats Take After Their Owners, Study Says

Cats Take After Their Owners Study Says - Cats Take After Their Owners, Study Says

Cat’s character depends on their owners’ personal traits, according to a recently published study by British researchers, the New York Post reports.

The researchers surveyed 3,000 cat owners on their pet’s habit and their own.

“This study provides the best evidence to date of the relationship between owner personality and cat behaviour, welfare and lifestyle parameters, showing for the first time clear parallels with the parent-child relationship and the associated wellbeing outcomes for children,” the paper concludes.

In other words, the bond between pet owners and their beloved companions is similar to that between parents and their children, where studies have found that personal traits of parents affect the psycho-emotional development of their kids.

Hence, neurotic pet parents are more likely to upbear neurotic pets, while positive manners and traits lead to more agreeable and kinder four-legged friends.

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