Cat Miraculously Survives, Dog Fighting for Life Amid Harsh Weather

Cat Miraculously Survives Dog Fighting for Life Amid Harsh Weather - Cat Miraculously Survives, Dog Fighting for Life Amid Harsh Weather

The snow blizzards experienced in some states were about to claim yet anothe victim but a frozen cat miracolously survived.

Fluffy the cat was used to exploring the outdoors around her home in Kalispell, Montana but one walk last week nearly cost her life. Fluffy’s owners found her burried under the snow and immediately rushed her to the vet in critical condition. Fluffy was so hypothermic that doctors couldn’t even measure her temperature with a thermomether and her veins were too frozen to allow the placement of an IV, reports CNN.

Because Fluffy was on the brink between life and death doctors had to work on warming her up. Initially their actions – ranging from using hot water to hair dryers, didn’t yield the desired results. Eventually, the cat was ressucitated in a heated kennel. After staaying overnight at the ER, Fluffy got back home safely to her owners who “‘acquired’ her when they moved into their new home” as reported by CNN. Now Fluffy has become an indoor cat.

TIME quotes veterinary internist Marc Ellie as saying: “As long as [cats] don’t get extremity injuries, specifically frostbite, they can survive,” adding that treatment involves “slowly re-warming the animals — slowly is important —with warm water, heating pads, and monitoring their temperature and starting fluids if they can.”

In a similar case, a dog is fighting for her life after nearl freezing on the streets of St. Louis, MI, reports FOX2now. The pooch was found by a postal worker who called Stray Rescue to report about the dog in trouble.

Similar to Fluffy, the dog’s temperature was so low that the rescue team couldn’t measure her temperature. “Dogs that have been raised in St. Louis are just not going to be acclimated to subzero temperatures like what we have,” sayd Dr. Sarah Frei with Stray Rescue St. Louis, as quoted by FOX2now.

A large part of the U.S. is experiencing one of the harshests winters as of recent years. The temperatures have dipped way below zero with snow stomrs and polar vortexes engulfing the Midwest and East states. USA Today has ran several reports on the situation across the country. While numerous calls have been made ot the public to keep safe and warm these days, pets can also fall victim to the harsh weather.

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