How to Get Your Puppy to Sleep in Five Practical And Easy Ways

How to Get Your Puppy to Sleep in Five Practical And Easy Ways - How to Get Your Puppy to Sleep in Five Practical And Easy Ways

Oh, happy day. Your new puppy is finally home. This exciting time is often too stimulating for the new fluffball and among other things, could contribute to a refusal to sleep. Puppies also fidget when they want to pee, miss their mother or don’t feel tired. For new pup-parents, this can be exhausting. Since most of us have jobs, kids and life commitments, a good night’s sleep is essential. Instead of crying at the office because you’re sleep-deprived, you can use these proven and practical tips to send your puppy off to dreamland. 

1. Accept that it might take a while

Alright, this tip is for you. Getting a puppy settled into a sleeping routine can be frustrating, but look at things this way. The puppy’s not being difficult on purpose. To him or her, everything’s new and strange – even you! The entire familiar world has vanished. After a few days, this confusion should lose its grip as the pup grows more used to its new home.

2. Drain that energy!

During the day, give your puppy plenty of opportunities to move around. Utterly exhausting the animal is never a good idea, but one should allow them to explore and walk as much as they want. Toys and games also sate their mental energy and prevent an over-active mind from interfering with sleeping. 

3. Create a bedtime routine

Puppies appreciate a routine because it fosters safety and belonging. Their bedtime can be preceded by a final potty session, which is actually very important. No animal likes to soil its sleeping space and puppies, with their lack of bladder control, might make a mess that upsets them during the night. They can also be given a feeding, favorite toys and even some light head-scratching might help them to drift off. Whatever you decide to do, always remember to keep it low-key. A robust playing session and noises would only make the pup more alert.

4. Nocturnal potty run

Some puppies quickly sleep through the night. However, it’s completely normal for a month or two for them to want to relieve themselves at ungodly hours of the night. As annoying as this is, one can head back to bed faster after letting the puppy pee and settle down again.

5. Make sure they’re comfy

Puppies won’t sleep when the room’s too hot or cold, they’re lonely, scared, hungry, thirsty or need to pee. You’ll soon intuitively feel what your puppy needs to sleep, but in the beginning, provide safe and comfortable blankets, toys, do the nighttime routine to fill that tummy and empty the bladder. A lonely puppy might settle if you keep its crate in view of your bed. If you’re raising your new pet to sleep on the bed with you, then loneliness won’t really be an issue. That furball will delight in snuggle up to you. Indeed, the heat of one’s body is very comforting to them. 

Getting a puppy to sleep through the night takes effort and dedication. But when you follow these tips, your new fur kid will take about a week or two before waking up with the rest of the family in the morning.

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