Here’s How Raising a Pet Benefits Your Child

Here's How Raising a Pet Benefits Your Child

Whether you are already a parent or still trying to conceive, you may want to consider adopting a pet who will grow up together with your child. As there are numerous benefits of having a pet in the family.

It is never too late to adopt a pet. Even if your child is already in school, having a pet will teach her a lot of things that would mold her character.

If you know someone who is an animal lover, then you would know the difference between the character of a person who loves animals and a person who is indifferent to them. We are inclined to believe that a person who cannot lay a finger on an animal is not capable of hurting a person.

On the other hand, a person who deliberately hurts an animal who is not capable of retaliating will grow up to have a questionable personality.

How could something as simple as raising a pet influence a child’s character?

A child who is raised with pets…

  • … knows how to love and be loved unconditionally. Growing up in a broken family or not knowing who your parents are, is sadly becoming more common these days. Family problems create emotional wounds in children that may never heal. Many problems in our society are rooted in a faulty upbringing or a dysfunctional family. Raising a pet somehow makes a person’s childhood easier because these little creatures are capable of showing love without asking for anything in return. In a way, they become a shoulder to cry on, a loyal friend, and a genuine companion.
  • … knows how to be responsible. At an early age, a child learns what it is like to be responsible for another creature’s life. She learns the consequences of her actions and the concept of cause and effect. She becomes aware that if she doesn’t feed her pet it will starve and possibly die. If she doesn’t take good care of her pet, it may get sick and be susceptible to illnesses. Your child may also come to realize that in a way, her pet’s dependence mirrors her own dependence on her parents.
  • … develops compassion towards animals. Raising a pet teaches your child how to communicate non-verbally and how to acknowledge their pet’s affection through its actions. Because of this, they develop the ability to see through any animal’s eyes and recognize love and emotions. Animals foster compassion in children and make them better adults in later life.
  • … are more empathic towards others. Not everyone is able to identify with another person’s feelings. A child who is raised around animals knows how to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and how to empathize with them. She is not afraid to show her emotions and to let her guard down once in a while.
  • … becomes an advocate for animals. Most of the animal fosterers and rescuers most likely started their advocacy when they were still kids. Caring for animals eventually became their life’s mission because they’ve developed compassion. As they grew older and became more responsible, their vow to devote their time for animals is fulfilled by becoming the voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves. This is how animal advocates are made.
  • is less prone to depression. A child who grew up with the company of a pet is less likely to feel alone. She is capable of shutting out the cruelty of the outside world and focus instead on the pureness of love being offered by her pet. She can enjoy solitude and can appreciate simple things.
  • … learns to put the needs of others before her own. A person who knows how to care for their pets knows what sacrifice means. They know that they don’t have to be rich to be able to care for others, and they are willing to set aside their own needs to be able to lend a hand.

There are certain people who are not fond of animals, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, we believe that children who were raised around animals discover a form of unconditional love that is very elusive around humans.

They come to realize at an early age that love is something offered freely, not something that needs to be earned.

As a result, they pay forward without expecting anything in return, and if everyone in the world can do that this world would be a much better place.

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