Here’s How to Make Your Old Cat Feel Young Again

feel your pet young

Age is just a number but maybe ignored at times. With that in mind your older cat feels this agedness and deserves to be spoilt on occasions and some special treats are simply the price tag!

 Play with your cat.
pets%2Babs - Here's How to Make Your Old Cat Feel Young Again

One of the nice approaches to keep your older cat younger at heart is to encourage capability-appropriate play. Playtime helps hold your cat’s body and thoughts together.

• Purchase powered toys for your cat to chase (look for objects with slower settings/speed).

• Aim to spend half-hour playing 1-2 times daily

Introduce a cat companion.

pets%2Babs - Here's How to Make Your Old Cat Feel Young Again

Cats are very territorial, and may not love sharing their space with a new cat. Nevertheless, the advent of a new animal can assist to stimulate your cat. The best partner could be:• Younger (preferably a kitten)

• Smaller.

• The opposite sex.

Stop the spread.
pets%2Babs - Here's How to Make Your Old Cat Feel Young Again

Aging cats want fewer calories because of their decreased pastime stage, so a specially formulated meal for older cats is a better preference to maintain the kilos off—extra weight is liable for a whole host of health issues. If your cat is experiencing specific health problems, some brands have meals specifically formulated to provide assistance and altered protein levels to suit your older cat’s need.

Stop meals theft.

pets%2Babs - Here's How to Make Your Old Cat Feel Young Again

If you have multiple numbers of cats and your senior has a unique diet, you’re going to want a sealed bowl. It prevents meals robbery ensuring prescription food is eaten by the right cat. The sealed bowl effectively opens for the correct cat (recognized by means of a microchip collar, included), plus it keeps food in a hygienic and sparkling environment and reduces pests and odors.

Make your home safe and secure. 
pets%2Bas - Here's How to Make Your Old Cat Feel Young Again

If your cat is having a problem getting round, ensure they could get entry to everywhere they want. Also, presenting your cat with a pleasant, warm place to sleep is a high-quality manner to make them feel better.• Provide an elevated surface that enables your cat get entry to a favourite drowsing spot• Provide a secure cat bed

• Set up a heating pad to assist maintain your cat warm

• Keep the temperature in your private home at a relaxed level

Shower your cat with love! Cats are most glad when they acquire genuine attention. Continue to reveal love to your senior cats using the same approaches you always used.You can show your cat love by:

• Petting.

• Taking naps together.

• Brushing your cat’s fur.

• Providing treats.

Your older cat merits superb-cosy vicinity to lie down, and an orthopedic bed that’s comfortable for it to relax its body.

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