Here are the Best Dog Breeds for the Elderly

Best Dog Breeds for the Elderly

Dogs can offer companionship no matter your age, but it is important for the elderly to have this as they get older. There are a lot of emotional and health benefits to owning a dog that can improve their lives, as well as physically too.

Senior people will often grow depressed as they get older, but owning a dog forces them to socialise with others, go out for a daily walk and enjoy life again regardless of their age.

Of course, there are certain types of dogs that are better suited to them. Owning a large dog would be too much for them to handle, especially if they are living alone, so it is important that they have the right breed.

You will also need to take into account the age of the dog and their temperament. A puppy often isn’t a good choice as they need a lot of training, but a senior dog could be the perfect match.

Below are some of the best dog breeds that are suited for the elderly:

Cocker Spaniel

One of the larger breeds on this list, the Cocker Spaniel weighs about 20 pounds, but they are often chosen due to their temperament. They are sometimes energetic, but they are often very affectionate and happy, which is bound to boost anyone’s mood.

You have to bear in mind that as they have longer and curlier hair, they will require more grooming than a short haired dog, but this charming breed makes a great companion.


If you are looking for a small and loveable breed, then the pug could be the perfect option for the elderly. They are very adaptable and always eager to please, so expect lots of affection in the form of sitting on your lap and giving you kisses.

They don’t require a lot of exercise due to their size, but they can often shed their fur quite a bit in the summer, which is something to keep in mind. As well as this, they like to play with toys, so buy them a new one every so often to keep them occupied.


Poodles are one of the smartest breeds of dog and are a popular choice as they come in a range of sizes. If you want a dog that is small, there is the toy poodle, or if you prefer a larger dog you can go for the standard poodle.

They are very easy to train and are adaptable to a variety of living arrangements, but they do require quite a bit of grooming due to their coat. However, as some of them are small they don’t require a lot of exercises, which is why they are considered as one of the best dog for the elderly.


If you are looking for the perfect breed for the elderly, look no further than the Pomeranian. While they may be tiny, they are very intelligent and like to please their owners. The benefits of their size are that they are easy to handle and don’t require a lot of exercises to keep them happy.

Their grooming regime isn’t as complicated as you can fix their thick coat with regular brushing. The issue would be that they are a little noisy sometimes, but most dogs are from time to time.


The Queen of the United Kingdom is famous for owning the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which doesn’t make it a surprise that they are the preferred dog breed for the elderly. The Corgi is a small to medium dog that weighs around 24 to 30 pounds and is fairly easy to train as they are smart.

Not to mention that they are very adorable with their short legs. If this is the breed that is chosen, they will need daily walks incorporated into their routine, but they don’t need much grooming which makes them convenient.

Whatever breed an elderly person decides to go for, they are guaranteed that they will have a great companion to give them love and make them happy.

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