Can Dogs Really Predict Earthquakes?

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Dogs have a more heightened sense of smell and hearing compared to humans. Their sense of smell is so remarkable that they can even detect certain human diseases such as malaria, cancer, and diabetes, to name only a few.

They can even figure out where you’ve been through the scent that has clung to your clothes and your shoes. Dogs also have a better sense of hearing compared to humans – they can hear four times the scope of what the human ear can.

So, having established that they have a superior sense of smell and hearing, is it also possible that they have a sixth sense? Can dogs really predict earthquakes?

Today, there are CCTV recordings that captured how dogs behaved just moments before a tremor. These videos, along with their owners’ personal accounts, lead to speculations that dogs are capable of anticipating earthquakes.

However, there is no scientific study supporting this claim, at least for now. Despite having no scientific basis, it didn’t stop authorities from evacuating people in Haicheng, China back in 1975 where an earthquake devastated the city. Most of their residents were able to evacuate, thanks to the odd behavior displayed by the animals. The recorded casualty was more than 2,000 people, but authorities said it could have reached more than 100,000 if not for the animals’ warnings.

How some animals behave preceding an earthquake have been recorded as early as 373 B.C. Dogs, snakes, rats, weasels, and other animals were witnessed leaving the city of Helice in Greece days before an earthquake wreaked havoc in the city.

Presently, some sea creatures were observed to act violently before an earthquake. Chickens just stopped laying eggs for no apparent reason, some insects were seen fleeing from their homes, while cats and dogs act erratically and become restless. Dogs are better known to exhibit strange behavior prior to an earthquake because they live within their owners’ residence and they are immediately observable.

Minutes or even hours before an earthquake, it is likely that they can hear sounds underground such as vibrations and other rock movements undetectable by the human ear. It’s also possible that they could hear high-frequency sounds from seismic activities.

Whether or not science can back up these claims, we should always stay attuned to the peculiar behavior of animals, most especially our beloved dogs’.

Dogs have a special bond with their owners and they are very concerned about their safety. They have a sense of responsibility that they should always protect their pack from danger. Dogs have been documented to save their humans from fire, earthquake, and different forms of harm.

Science is continually evolving. Hopefully, in the near future, our dogs’ impeccable senses could be honed to help warn people of impending earthquakes and be able to save lives.

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