Be Honest, Do You Love Your Dog Enough?

Be Honest, Do You Love Your Dog Enough

Dogs are without doubt Man’s best friends. They are definitely fun to be with and make adept companions. Most times, they are considered part of the family, as protectors, playmates, and friend providing security and Love.

It’s almost impossible not to be moved by the brand of loyalty unique to our canine friends.

The friendship between Dog and Man has gone back a long time, thousands of years. Our Canine didn’t become Man’s best friend for no reason.

They have been giving us unconditional love for as long as we can remember. Dogs share our lives in a way that most other animals can’t.

It undeniably feels great to be walking with your dog around the neighborhood or along the beach or just driving through town with your dog probably at the backseat.

Did you have a bad day at the office? Relationship problems? Your Car developed a fault?

Well, the moment you get home, there they come running towards you, your buddy- your four-legged mate – stumbling their way through and bolting to meet you as if they’ve not seen you for centuries!

Even when you were gone for only a few hours, showering you with affection and shaking its tail with joy, ready to dote on you, their best friend in the whole wide world, that definitely puts a smile on your face and the worries of the day are for a moment pushed aside.

Pets%2BAbss - Be Honest, Do You Love Your Dog Enough?

There are incredible examples of the dedication and loyalty dogs have shown to their Human and animal friends.

We have heard stories of dogs rescuing their friends and owners from danger, fighting off wild animals, e.t.c and when your dog feels you are in grave danger, they will do almost anything to protect and guard you even if it means they themselves are in danger and at a cost of losing their own life.

Dogs, no doubt deserve their undisputed title of ‘man’s best friend’. They are intelligent, devoted, and affectionate and the clichéd loyalty which is true and are known to improve our mental and physical health.

Dogs have been known to help disabled persons, helping the blind walk, helping people recuperate from injuries and other touching stories that would melt hearts. Being Man’s best friend is in a Dogs DNA.

Activities with dogs delivers bonafide benefits for dog owners, this can be observed in the simple act of taking your dog or dogs to the park and making acquaintance with other dog walkers at the park, dogs are not only man’s best friend, they also connect you and build relationships with other people you share similarities with.

Pets%2BAbs%2B - Be Honest, Do You Love Your Dog Enough?

Dogs can be easily trained so that they can cohabitate with us in our homes and adapt to our surroundings.

Dogs can learn to save nature’s call till when they are to be walked outside, to walk on a leash when in public and to stay and to sit whenever the occasion calls for it.

They can also be trusted to act appropriately in public and around people and even animals!

If you want a friend that’s going to be a loyal companion then a Dog is your best bet, call this canine man’s best friend for many Reasons.

That brings me to the question. Do You Love Your Dog Enough? Let us know in the comment section.
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