8 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Dogs

8 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Dogs

In this article, we’ll share with you the most interesting or surprising things and facts about dogs that a lot of dog owners know nothing about.

Relationship with Humans

Humans and dogs have been living with each other for about 15000 years! This is the reason humans and dogs know each other pretty well and dogs don’t see us as one of their toys. It is one of the well-known facts about dogs

Unique Nose Prints

Dogs, as well as cats, have a unique nose print! Just like humans fingerprint, a dog nose print is unique which means that we can easily identify any dog accurately with the help of these nose prints. When you look closely at your dog’s nose, you will see this line and ridge pattern, which is unique!

Really Hot

The average body temperature of any dog is between 100°F to 103°F! As the body temperate of dogs is high then you need to take care of your dog in hot summer.

Ability to Understand

According to recent research, best-trained dogs are easily comparable to a 2-year-old child in terms of human voice recognition! The best trained and smartest dogs are able to understand about 250 words while on the other hand average dog is able to understand about 150 words. P.S, That’s way smart for a dog!

Dog Population

In the United States, dogs and cats live in more homes as compared to kids! According to the recent survey, there are about 160 million dogs and cats living in the United States alone! 70% of homes contain either a cat or a dog and this ratio is 5 times more than horses, birds, and fish combined.

Dogs are Smart

When your dog is near you, just point at something and your dog looks at what you are pointing to! This is not a simple skill because sometimes humans are not able to do this. This means that dogs are smart and they have the ability to know what others are thinking.

Length of Nose

All dogs always rely on their noses for the purpose of cooling. The fact is that the length of any dog’s nose is directly related to its cooling system. Their nose actually functions like a thermostat, which enables the dog to easily control its internal temperature. Lots of dog experts agree that better internal cooling of your dog depends on the length of the nose, the longer the nose will be, the better will be the internal cooling system.

Dogs can Lower Blood Pressure

According to a recent survey, taking care of your dogs or even talking with your dogs will help lower your blood pressure. In this case, the most responsive kind of interaction is the sense of touch. So, always try to spend some time with your dogs when you are at home.

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