10 Mysterious Cat Behaviors Explained

10 Mysterious Cat Behaviors Explained 1024x597 - 10 Mysterious Cat Behaviors Explained

We are often bewildered by the quirks of our feline friends. Sometimes their habits are adorable, occasionally they are tolerable, but oftentimes they become completely annoying.

Cats are known to be more independent and clever compared to dogs and so one would have higher expectations, but their intelligence is often accompanied by nasty habits. It sometimes makes us wonder if they are actually doing it on purpose.

Here are some mysterious cat behaviors and the reason behind them:

Bringing You Offerings

When you hear the word offering it often suggests something pleasant. However, our feline friends would rather bring us their kills, as in an offering of some sort. They acquired this trait from wild mother cats who bring dead animals to their kittens in order to train them how to eat real food. When female cats are spayed they won’t have any kittens to train, and as a result, they will bring their kills to you instead.

Eating Inedible Items

Cats don’t like to chew on things as much as dogs do, which makes you curious as to why they would sometimes eat inedible things. This is actually a rare medical condition called pica, an unexplainable urge to eat non-food items. Possible causes of pica include diet deficiencies, anemia, stress, as well as boredom. It would be best to consult a veterinarian to identify other underlying health problems to help your cat overcome this behavior.

Teeth Chattering

In humans, teeth chattering often signify extreme cold or fear. For cats, however, it is a way for them to exhibit excitement and frustration, especially when it comes to hunting. It might seem a little creepy but it is a normal feline manner which usually subsides in a few minutes.

Litter Box Fail

As owners, we give them a litter box to instruct them where to pee and poop. There are many possible reasons why your cat won’t use their litter box. Health reasons such as Feline Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), liver or kidney disease, diabetes, or bacterial cystitis are just some of the probable factors. Any kind of change such as a new family member, a newly adopted pet, or even remodeling of the house could also cause them to feel uncomfortable and decline using their litter box. The type of litter you use could also be a reason. Some cats prefer one type or brand of litter over another.

Invading Your Personal Space

Any cat owner will surely tell you this: “Cats don’t grasp the concept of their owners’ personal space.” They would stretch out on your keyboard, sit on your face, on your book, at the edge of your bathtub, on top of your head, or on any gadget that you’re using. They do this because they want all of your attention. Naturally, if they see you so engrossed in reading your book or so focused on a computer game, they get jealous over the attention you give to these inanimate objects and they would do anything to win over your attention.

The Unwanted Alarm Clock

Their habit of waking you up before the break of dawn is another example of inherited behavior from their wild cat ancestors.  Wild cats hunt their prey during dawn or dusk, and domesticated cats tend to do the same thing. Instead of hunting though, they wake up their fur parents to ask for food.

Knocking Things Off

This is probably the most annoying quirk that cats have. When they are hit with curiosity, they will use their paws to test how things work. They would observe how an object moves, what sound it makes when it hits the ground, and they do so with anticipation. They love to experiment and test their boundaries. This is also a way for them to get your attention. Cats know beforehand how you would react when they threaten to knock things off and they revel in the fact that they can get your attention that way.

Giving You a Paw Massage

Who doesn’t like a massage? You may think that cats do this to give you comfort and relaxation, but the truth is they do this for themselves. They get comfort from it because they associate this movement with the way they used to nurse from their mothers. They could also be marking you as a part of their territory. Cats have scent glands on their paws and when they touch you, those scents are transferred on your skin or your clothes.

Fixing You a Stare

When your cat fixes her eyes on you it could mean that she’s hungry or simply because she adores you. She gives you a smile by squinting her eyes and you can smile back by imitating her. Cats are very observant animals and they tend to become aware of the way we move and how we react because they are trying to read our body language. It’s how they make an effort of understanding us.

Chasing Laser Pointers

Cats love to hunt and play. When they see a laser beam moving around with no sense of direction, it reminds them of the movement of prey animals. Their instinct to hunt is triggered so they chase it, and because laser beams are just light and it’s not something tangible that they can catch, they become more frustrated. It’s either they will give up or they will become obsessed until they get exhausted.

Cats are one of the brightest and sharpest pets one can have. They may seem apathetic towards their owners sometimes, but the truth is they are also trying to understand us the way they know how.

Most of their quirks originated from natural instincts acquired from their ancestors, while some of their habits are brought on by discomfort or health issues. It’s important to discern their behaviors to better care for them.

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