10 Interesting Facts About Labrador Retrievers

10 Interesting Facts About Labrador Retrievers Featured 1024x576 - 10 Interesting Facts About Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are one of the best dog breeds not just because of their popularity, but also because of their good temperament and gentleness around kids. They can be as playful and harmless as children, yet they are also intelligent and protective like adults. Below is a list of some interesting facts and trivia about Labradors:

  1. They originated from Newfoundland, Canada. They are believed to have descended from St. John’s water dog, a breed that went extinct in the early half of 1980’s. Aside from sharing the same place of origin as St John’s dogs, they also share the same type of short coat. The white chest mark that is known as a trademark of St. John’s can still be seen in some of today’s Labradors.
  2. They were once known as fishermen’s helpers. Many Labradors today are recognized as good divers. This is due to the fact that early Labs were bred to help fishermen retrieve fish that escaped from their hooks, and to help them pull their nets and ropes. Labradors have double coats that act as their shield against the cold and webbed feet that aid them in swimming.
  3. They were named after the Labrador Sea.  Early Labradors were often sighted swimming in the Labrador Sea, that’s why many people believed they were named after this sea.
  4. They are American Kennel Club’s top breed for 28 consecutive years! Their reign began in 1990 and they’ve been holding the top spot ever since. Unquestionably, they are the most popular choice of breed amongst American households.
  5. Led Zeppelin’s hit song “Black Dog” was named after a Labrador. While the band was recording their album at the Headley Grange Studio, a black Labrador was commonly seen hanging around with them. Thus, the band decided to name their song after the friendly black Lab.
  6. Labradors are often chosen as guide dogs. Because of their eagerness to please, friendly disposition, and calm temperament, they are the most frequently used breed for guide dogs. They are also quick learners and are very easy to train.
  7. They can sprint at an impressive speed. An average Lab can reach a speed of 20 to 30 mph, while the fittest Labs could reach an incredible speed of 40 mph.
  8. A black lab was sent to jail in 1924. A dog named “Pep” was sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing the cat of the governor’s wife. The poor dog served 10 years, but not without making good friends with the other prisoners and cheering up the inmates.
  9. A black lab became an honorary mayor in 1981. A dog named “Bosco” became an honorary mayor in Sunol, California from 1981 until his death in 1994. The people of the town erected a statue of Bosco as a remembrance, and it can be seen today in front of Sunol’s post office.
  10. You can get all three color variations from the same batch of litter. It doesn’t matter what the color of their parents are. Black, Chocolate, and Yellow-colored Labradors can all show up in the same litter.

Whether you are thinking of adding another dog in your family, or you are planning to adopt a dog for the first time, Labrador Retrievers should be on the top of your list. They are suitable for any type of person or family and is the best dog choice for first-time dog owners because of their good reputation. 

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